5 of the Best Snowshoe Trails in Breckenridge

It is March and a great time to enjoy the beauty of the mountains in and around Breckenridge , Colorado. Warmer weather, Blue skies and a sport anyone can do. Snowshoeing is just like walking with a platform under your feet so you don’t sink in the snow.

Snowshoes can be rented at any of the Nordic centers such as Gold run Nordic center or The Breckenridge Nordic center as well as the many ski shops in and around town. Here are some of the best trails to enjoy the beauty of our mountains:

Bakers Tank:

this trail is rated difficult with a total distance of 6.6 miles. A new forest trail has been created for Nordic skiers and snowshoes east of the Boreas Pass Road to the Baker’s Tank. The traditional route has been on the gradual, wide road, which was formerly a railroad bed. It is still available but more crowded. This new trail is much more demanding as it rises and falls through the woods. On the western slopes of Bald Mountain, the snow will often be better than on the road. The heavy foot and pet traffic on the Boreas Pass Road will also be avoided.

Boreas Pass:

Rated novice to intermediate, the total distance is 7.2 miles. In this best of all worlds, you’ll experience the joy of skiing and snowshoeing into and out of glade after glade of spruce, aspen, and fir trees. You’ll also get an opportunity to traverse along a south-facing sunny route that follows the railroad grade and offers a gentle, continuous climb. This route is ideal if you are a beginning snowshoer or cross-country skier.

Burro Trail:

This trail is rated as moderate with a length of 6.2 miles, Mixing with downhill skiers, sheltering from the wind, and avoiding snowmobiles are features of the Burro Trail in Breckenridge. The route ascends through the forest before leveling off for the last 1. 5 mile. Ideal for snowshoers, the downhill runs require intermediate skills for the cross-country skier.

Flume Trail:

Rated as easy with a distance of 5 miles . Because of its high elevation, the snow is usually good until early April. The route follows an old aqueduct that rises and falls gently along the northern flanks of the Hoosier Ridge. At its northeastern terminus, the Flume Trail connects with the Woods Trail and the Bemrose Creek Trail.

French Gulch:

Rated as easy with a distance of 6.2 miles. The scenery is gorgeous, the snow is abundant — French Gulch is the ideal tour for late in the season. French Gulch, the valley just north of the Boreas Pass Road, provides a gentle ascent between the two most impressive peaks in this portion of the Front Range, Mount Guyot on the left and Bald Mountain on the right. The scenery is gorgeous, the snow is usually abundant in this north facing valley late into the season and there are open areas for free skiing at the upper levels.

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